Восстановление собаки, после того, как какой-то псих отрезал ей нос и лапы


Ветеринары привыкли видеть больных и травмированных животных каждый день, но, один русский ветеринар был ошеломлен тем, что один добрый самаритянин принес через двери клиники.

По словам доброго самаритянина, он обнаружил пострадавшую собаку на улице, она умирала от боли и не двигалась. Когда он подошел ближе, то понял, что три ее лапы и нос были отрезаны. Он знал, что она умрет, если ей не помочь, и отнес ее в ближайшую клинику в Бурятии.

Pic shows: the tortured dog.nnShocked vets believe a sadistic torturer cut off this poor dog's nose and three of its paws.nnThe stray was brought into a veterinary clinic in the city of Ulan-Ude, in south central Russia's Republic of Buryatia, by a Good Samaritan who found her on the street.nnVets have nicknamed the dog, who is believed to be about three years old, Druzhok (Friend).nnThey say she was brought in by a man, who did not leave his contact details, who had been shocked to see the state of her injuries.nnFrom the way that three of her paws and part of her nose had been sliced cleanly off, vets believe it must have been done deliberately.nnA volunteer at the clinic, named only as Yekaterina, said it looked as if the paws had been cut off two weeks ago but the nose had been cut more recently.nnShe said: "The dog is deeply stressed and shocked. She shows signs of being afraid whenever a man approaches, so probably the one who tortured her was a man.nn"It looks like she was butchered. The cuts are very precise, the one who did it cut her joints like a professional butcher."nnVets have had to muzzle the dog's mouth with a bandage to prevent her from biting the male vets and to prevent her from licking her severed nose.nnBut they say that she should recover as none of her vital organs have been damaged. Volunteers are raising money to pay for the antibiotics and vitamins needed for her treatment.nnAnimal rights activists have been expressing outrage over the case and are urging local police to find the torturer.nn(ends)n

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